Book 1: Las Aventuras de Isabela

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The English version of Las Aventuras de Isabela by Karen Rowan is available for free to English programs in countries other than the U.S. It is also available to English Language Acquisition teachers in the U.S. teaching English to non-English speaking students. When the book is being used for this purpose in the year 2010, copies may be made by teachers for use in their classrooms. We would like to know how and where the book is being used.

By downloading The Adventures of Isabela, you agree to let us know how the book is being used so that we can track how many students are using Isabela to help with their English studies. You also agree not to alter the content in any way.

Lucy Williams is currently writing a teacher’s manual in Spanish which will be available for free on this site pending publication.

You will also find more pictures on our Facebook Fan Page for this and other books.

My third graders will be finishing Las Aventuras de Isabela next week. I want to thank you for such an AWESOME book, and to ask when we can expect the next one(s) to come out?

—Jennifer Goodine, Cape Elizabeth Maine.

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