Fluency Fast Pre-Conference

Denver Fluency Fast Pre-Conference Language Classes before the International Forum on Language Teaching
July 7-10, 2017 (Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
(Not attending IFLT, too?  Not a World Languages Teacher?  Click here.

Full schedule is at www.fluencyfast.com/denver

1 class: $299.00 (3 1/2 days)*

Dr. Stephen Krashen gives a special presentation Monday evening. Included in 3 1/2 day and 1 day registrations.

With registration to IFLT, The International Forum on Language Teaching

Beginning Mandarin for Adults with Linda Li
Advanced French for non-native French teachers and speakers with Sabrina Janzcak
Advanced Spanish for non-native Spanish teachers and speakers
Beginning Spanish with Leslie Davison
Intermediate Spanish with Karen Rowan

Dr. Krashen’s Monday evening presentation is free with registration to Fluency Fast or IFLT.

Regardless of your class choice, Krashen’s presentation is included in your registration.  Please do not register for more than one (1 class / 2 classes or just Monday).  Double registration will over-charge you unnecessarily!

A special presentation by Dr. Stephen Krashen, Monday, 4pm

TPRS / CI classes for French and Spanish teachers who want to improve their own language skills, but don’t want to take more grammar classes.  Content-based, Sheltered Subject Matter Classes using TPRS and Comprehensible Input at an Advanced level.



Here’s a must see travel guide on what to see in the Denver area:


Denver weather is unpredictable.  Expect 100 degree days with a chance of rain or hail.  Dress for everything.

The Residence Inn is closest to North High School:

Look up Highland Colorado (NOT Highlands Ranch)

Lyft and Uber are accessible and easy to use.  You can also rent a car from DIA.  There is a bike rack outside of North High School where bikes can be rented.  If you think you will choose this option for getting around, there is a trail nearby that leads to downtown.  You will need to bring your own helmet.  We will have Lyft / Uber coupons and drivers available.

There is a train that will take you directly from the airport to Union Station in the middle of downtown.  From there, take a Lyft or Uber to your destination. (Be sure to download these apps before arriving)

(Tips from a local:  Download both.  Which is less expensive is inconsistent on weekend evenings.)

North High School
2960 North Speer Blvd
Denver, CO 80211

Parking is free. If you are parking, the parking lot is BEHIND the front of the building and faces 30th street, not Speer Blvd.  If you are being dropped off by Lyft, likewise, the front door is at the back of the building.

The Residence Inn has breakfast and a manager’s reception.  There is a Safeway within walking distance of the school.  There are also several Mexican restaurants, an Italian restaurant and a local Burger place called Park Burger.

THE place for Happy Hour is The Highlands.  I will post a map inside the school with my recmendations.

(Tips from a local:  There is also a Mexican bakery.  Mmmmmm.)



Tuesday, close to North High School, dance lessons at Highlands Events Center

3550 Federal (This is 3 blocks from North High School)

7:30pm group Salsa class and dinner or 9pm open dancing $5

Wednesday, Bachata at Los Tacos La Taqueria.

Wednesday dance lessons for beginners at The Turnverein.

Thursday or Friday, La Rumba

Sunday, July 9th, Bachata and Salsa lessons at La Rumba IN SPANISH, $5.00 7:15pm


Registration to IFLT required.
Please do not use the coupon code if you are not registering for IFLT.

If you are interested in the Fluency Fast Teacher Training, a business development and coaching workshop occuring from July 7-14, registration to IFLT is required.  Only a maximum of 12 applicants will be accepted.  Email [email protected] fluencyfast.com to inquire. Send a letter of interest and a video of your TPRS teaching.  (Updated: April 24, 2017.  The Fluency Fast Teacher Training is at capacity.)

Once you have registered, you will receive the reading list and assignments that must be completed prior to July.  University credit is available for $62 per credit hour.  And you will deserve it.

Comments from previous hosts:

“I was completely out of my element trying to figure out how to bring a Fluency Fast class to my church, but I had taken a course in Denver and was really eager to get both more training as a teacher and to learn more Spanish, so I bit the bullet. I sent emails to all of the other churches in Austin . The need for Spanish is so high here that we filled one class last year and another this Spring and we’re going to do it again.”

– Cindy Singleton, Brentwood Christian School , Austin , Texas

“Our school’s Spanish-speaking population has increased by so much in the last few years that I knew that bringing a Spanish class to our teachers would be beneficial to everyone. The school let us send out information to the school email list. Our first class last January had 120 people in it, so they sent us two teachers. The second class in April had over 90, and they sent two teachers again. The teachers are happy, so we’re scheduling another class for the Fall .”

– Diana Noonan, Denver Public Schools , Denver , Colorado

Thanks again for coming! I’m still getting emails from those who attended… all positive! I’m also getting the video from the TV station that came out to film the class and will send to you.

– Jan Coone, Grant Coordinator, North Platte, Nebraska

The need for Spanish in Worthington, Minnesota is at an all-time high. Our first class had over 200 people. Teachers, firefighters, nurses, police officers and general members of the community who wanted to be able to communicate with Spanish-speaking residents. We’ve just held our second class and are looking forward to another one next summer. We held the class at the school and I emailed all of the teachers in our district and the surrounding districts and sent publicity out locally, as well. The local newspaper and news station covered the class. People who took the class are ready for more and interested in signing up again the next time Fluency Fast is here.

– Deanna Rowe, Worthington, Minnesota

If you are interested in bringing a Fluency Fast class in Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Arabic or Russian or any other language to your city, please let us know. We look forward to working with you!