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Fluency Fast courses help adults who want to learn or improve their Spanish in an effective, easy & fun way.

1% of people who took a language in high school can still speak it.  This makes most of us think it’s impossible to learn a language as an adult, but it’s actually just as easy for adults… if they are taught right.

Our brains are not wired for verb charts or memorized vocabulary lists.  In fact these things kill motivation. Stress kills motivation. Storytelling is long-term memory.  We remember Fairy Tales from when we were little. We remember the plot of our favorite movie. Our brains are wired for Stories.

If you’ve always dreamed of learning or improving your Spanish at any level, but your story is that you aren’t good at it.

Give us a week… we’ll change your story.


Denver Spanish Language Institute

Get to know a new way of learning a language. 

 It is not the typical boring class. Open up those flood gates of input in Spanish until it’s rattling around in your ahead.

Our classes are

1. Engaging, fun, low anxiety classes are focused on comprehension and storytelling.

2. We create the stories based on audience experiences and interests.

3. The methods are a proven, profound and effective way of learning. Our classes are based on the research and teachings of Dr. Stephen Krashen, co-creator of the Natural Approach; and Blaine Ray, inventor of TPRS.

4. We teach the most commonly used vocabulary words first, so you learn first  words that are going to be used. In just 15 hours of immersion class you will be able to retell a story.

5. We build a good relationship with our students, establishing this connection by personalizing our stories.

6. Completely comfortable and relax environment that’s hard to believe you’re in a class at all. No evaluation, no grammar charts or memorization.

But the most important element in any of our programs is the quantity and quality of the unconditional love, positive feedback, pats on the back and hearty applause provided to the students by the teacher.

In story after story our teachers entertain his students while at the same time bringing a vast knowledge of methods that guarantee successful language acquisition.


Open Registration for Denver Spanish Language Institute 

June 25-29, 2018. North High School, Denver, Colorado


* Beginning and Intermediate Spanish with Karen Rowan

* Intermediate-High Spanish with Josue Macip

* Advanced Spanish, Jason Fritze

 At the end of our beginning or Intermidiate classes you will be able to read, understand and communicate on a basic level.

Advance Spanish is intended for Adults (travelers or business people) or Spanish teachers who want to improve their advanced Spanish, anyone who hasn’t traveled in a while and wants to get back their advanced Spanish level, or anyone preparing for a Spanish proficiency exam. This class is not intended for native speakers. 

Resgistration Include Additional Activities in Spanish 

Salsa lessons in Spanish, Wednesday, 1:30pm – 3:00pm   

El Museo de las Américas TourThurdays, 1:30pm – 30:00pm(RVSP in advance required). 

Inmersion Luch OptionalFriday, 1:30pm – 3:00pm.

Will you be there?

Others Benefits:

Certificates of completion for up to 45 contact hours.
For teacher: 9000 level University credit available for $62 per credit hour. Up to 4. Learn the way your students do by putting yoursel in their shoes.

 Take 2, 3 or 5 days depending on your own language level. All activities are open to all classes. (Museum tour space is limited). Do not sign up for two classes, one registration pays for all classes.

What people are saying about Fluency Fast Classes:

Our Teachers are passionate and experienced

Karen Rowan – Teacher Intermediate Spanish

She is the owner and CEO of Fluency Fast, teacher, author and speaker on TPRS®*. Karen has a BA in Spanish from The Colorado College and an MA in Spanish and pedagogy from the University of Northern Colorado and has been teaching since 1995.

Her methods and presentations are based on the research and teachings of Dr. Stephen Krashen, co-creator of the Natural Approach; and Blaine Ray, inventor of TPRS. She now presents TPRS® workshops and teaches adult language classes through Fluency Fast Language Classes.

*Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling, formerly known as Total Physical Response Storytelling

Josue Macip – Intermidiate-High Spanish Teacher 

He is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico and one of our instructors certified as Spanish as a Second language Teacher by Fluency Fast Foreign Language, with our program of TPRS and Comprehensible Input.  He has been teaching since 2001 in Mexico and United States. He has a BA in Hispanic Literature & a MA in Hispanic Linguistics from University of Morelos, Cuernavaca, Mexico. He is also a certified PLACE Spanish and Praxis ESL Teacher, and OWI Instructor. 

 Jason Fritze – Advanced Spanish Teacher

He is a presenter and a teacher who has lived in Spain and travelled extensively and brings culture and language to life when he teaches. His classes are one-part stand-up comedy, one-part drama class. In story after story Jason entertains his students while at the same time bringing a vast knowledge of methods that guarantee successful language acquisition. It’s hard to believe you’re in a class at all. His personality and immense knowledge of how languages are acquired and how reading contributes to increasing proficiency make him a most valuable asset. Jasonbegan teaching Spanish and French for Fluency Fast in 2005. 


Fluency Fast courses help adults who want to learn or improve their Spanish in an effective, easy & fun way. So, they can improve their communication skills for work or play.

Price of our 3 days classe in Denver

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$299 for 2 classes

$249 for 1 class 

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Q & A

Which Level Spanish Class Should I Take?

Here’s what the courses are like:

Beginning Spanish is for true beginners.  It teaches the 200 highest frequency words in Spanish.  It starts with stand up / sit down / walk / the boy walks to the door.  This is the right level for true beginners or anyone who has limited Spanish that they can’t yet put into any kind of sentences.  By the end of this 15-20 hour course, they will be able to read a book in Spanish and have some limited ability to tell simple stories and ask and answer simple questions.

Intermediate Spanish focuses on communication in the past tense to be able to tell what just happened and communicate in the present and past tenses.  Some people take this class even thought they are just BARELY past beginning — which is fine.  They will understand a lot but communicate less.  Some people take it because they are not ready for Advanced.  The majority of our students take Intermediate multiple times.  The content is always different.  Students read one text in class together and another out of class that is appropriate to their level.  This class accepts the broadest levels.  It is our multi-level class.

Advanced Spanish is designed for students who are beyond Intermediate and have a pretty solid grasp of communication in the past and present all the way up to non-native Spanish teachers of lower level Spanish classes. We explore the trickier parts of the language like imperfect subjunctive and conditional and future grammatically, but also explore more interesting topics because we can discuss more topics freely and communicate more naturally.  We focus on vocabulary expansion.  There is no class reader, but all participants read at their own level, selecting from a variety of available readers in the library.  At this level there is still lots of input, but students are more conversational.  The outside of class requirements are higher and suggestions for prep work are sent by email at the end of May (watching Netflix series in Spanish with subtitles in Spanish, reading, etc.)

HOWEVER — none of this matters that much because the 3 classes are intentionally simultaneous.  Those who are not sure should sign up for the class above their level and stay for the first hour.  If after an hour the class seems too difficult, they can pop down and only have missed the first hour of an easier class.  Moving up is more difficult than moving down.  If you think you think you’re between Beginning and Intermediate, sign up for Intermediate.  If you think you’re between Intermediate and Advanced, sign up for Advanced.  You’re looking for the level that feels comfortable and comprehensible, so that you understand everything easily.  If you want more of a challenge, you can always increase your reading.


Denver Public Schools PDU requirements (<<click here)

Mandatory final meeting for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced PDU, May 7, 2018


These are not your typical language classes!   We use brain research to rapidly increase the amount of language you can understand, knowing that, just as a baby learns, we cannot speak before we have something to say.   

If you still aren’t sure, call our office and we can tell you in less than 5 minutes.  719-633-6000