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Improve your teaching skills with CI-specific classroom management moves.

Classroom Management Courses with Jon Cowart 2024
Pre-recorded videos can be watched in advance or weekly.  Weekly live Q and As with Jon Cowart on Zoom.


To register: https://fluencyfast.teachable.com/p/2024-classroom-management-course-with-jon-cowart

Saturday mornings

Classroom Management Strategies and behavior management in the World Language Classroom.

Step by step instructions, strategies, teacher power moves, video examples, etc. to help you improve your classroom management.

4 hour-long pre-recorded instructional videos. 1 video per week. Includes a download of the entire classroom management book by Jon Cowart and in-class videos.

 Week 1 – Teacher Power Moves Q and A (watch on demand Power Moves video before class 1)

 Week 2- Structures and Systems Q and A.  Watch – Engaging all Students on demand video

Week 3  Engaging all Students.

Week 4 – Managing Whole Class Discussion


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Earn college credits For Classroom Management with Jon Cowart

Hosted by Fluency Fast Language Classes

Karen Rowan
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Course Title:  Classroom Management with Jon Cowart, hosted by Fluency Fast Language Classes

Course Credits:  1 credit hour, EDUP 9553

Course Description:

This is a 4-week long course that covers important topics in classroom management as it applies to communicative and acquisition-driven instruction. Topics include:

The structure of the class is mostly asynchronous and is designed for working teachers who don’t have a lot of flexibility or free time. Includes 4 core videos that include clips of real classrooms and teachers using these strategies, as well as extension readings, powerpoints, and a copy of the book “Classroom Management for CI Teachers”.

The synchronous component is a 1-hour Q and A meeting on Saturdays from 12-1pm Eastern Time. Can’t make it? All live Q and A sessions are recorded.

Course Objectives:

Comprehension-based teacher will apply strategies for classroom management in their own classrooms and discuss those outcomes in the weekly live Q and A.

Course Requirements:

Virtual attendance of 4 hours of on demand pre-recorded webinars.  Live attendance at 4 live Q and A sessions with Jon Cowart. 7 hours of reading and application of classroom management content in a classroom = 1 credit, 15 hours


Course Outline

  • The 5-step Behavior Management Cycle
  • Routines and Procedures that are impactful
  • Engaging ALL students
  • Managing Whole Group Instruction (TPRS, Picture Talk, Clip Chat, etc.)
  • Least-intrusive methods to redirect behavior and assign consequences that work
  • Strategies to build relationships through content
  • Cellphones
  • Restrooms
  • Dominant personalities
  • Apathy
  • And more!

Dates: Ongoing

Course Outcomes:

Comprehension-based teachers will improve their ability to use comprehension-based teaching approaches to language teaching by applying new classroom management techniques weekly.

Course Method of Evaluation:

Attendance at online live or recorded sessions.  Participation in live discussions.  Participation in online conversations.

Course Instructor:  Jon Cowart

University Credits:

Get University Credit for Classroom Management with Jon Cowart.

A University course number has been assigned. EDUP 9553

If you are applying for university credit, please read this entire thing before contacting the University of the Pacific. When you have COMPLETED the work, email [email protected] your totals with UOP and your name in the subjectheading so that your credit can be approved and processed. Only registered attendees can apply for credit.   Order transcripts from the University as needed.