March 16, 2020 (Updated April 5, 2020)

In the immediate wake of this crisis, many full-time, self-employed Comprehension-Based presenters in our community have seen in-person workshops and in-services canceled for the next 10 weeks.  These presenters have seen 50-100% of their incomes disappear in a matter of days.   One teacher has lost all but $120.00 per week and there is no safety net.  The goal of this page is to support these teachers / presenters who are most affected.   (One quipped today that planting a garden would be the only access to food, but it’s still too cold to even plant.)  We are creating a schedule of webinars to off-set this lost income as much as possible.  Our goal is to raise $30,000.  This is basically 1000 teachers signing up for about $30 worth of webinars.  Webinars are $8 per hour.  So far we have raised $5000, which has been distributed for rent, child support and groceries.

This is our CI SOS creatively co-created plan.  (Pronounced “See Sauce”)

  1.  We are accepting donations beginning immediately;
  2. We have made our platform available to these presenters to offer in-services remotely;
  3. Presenters are offering live webinars here.  100% of the proceeds from these webinars goes to presenters;
  4. Vendors have donated downloadable “packages”.  (Please honor copyrights by not posting resources on-line).  100% of these proceeds from these sales go to these presenters.
  5. Additional presenters who do not rely on training as their sole source of income have generously offered to present webinars and to donate a portion of or all of the collected registration fees.  Proceeds from these webinars will be distributed among those presenters whose income has been affected by COVID-19.
  6. Fluency Fast on-line language classes will be offered live through Zoom, supporting non-salaried teachers who have seen live classes canceled and income abruptly stop;
  7. Information will be shared about these resources by several partners including Voces Digital, Tina Hargaden and CI Liftoff
  8. Several free resources are available for students doing remote learning.  A list of those resources can be found here and have also been posted on two Facebook pages, IFLT / NTPRS / CI Teaching and CI for French Teachers.  Fluency Matters, Martina Bex and the Comprehensible Classroom, Voces Digital, Alice Ayel and Sr Wooly, as well as many others listed on those Facebook pages, are all offering online resources for students during this period of remote learning. TPRS Books has temporarily granted permission for teachers to share resources on internal school platforms (not public).  At the end of this school year, all materials should be removed.  Contact them for clarification.  Sr Wooly has offered free Pro Subscription access for a limited time.

Full Disclosure: Fluency Fast is a for-profit business run by Karen Rowan, the admin of the IFLT / NTPRS / CI Teaching page that provides online and live language classes and school district in-service teacher training.  While all profits from this collaborative emergency project will be funneled to the fund for CI presenters and teachers (independent contractors) this income is taxable.  Using our online existing platforms and accounting infrastructure,  we will follow all tax laws.  For your own tax purposes as a customer, this is an educational expense on your own taxes, not a tax-exempt donation.   Our accounting will be transparent and we will subtract only external credit card processing fees (those charged by Visa, Mastercard, Paypal etc.).  We expect webinars to continue through May.

This page will also list the small businesses that have partnered with us to create this project and we ask that you support those businesses, too.


Voces Digital                       Command Performance Language Institute                    CI Liftoff



Bill VanPatten Live on Zoom – Key Questions in Second Language Acquisition – April 16, 3pm Pacific – space limited


Jason Fritze – Live on Zoom April 25th 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern


Leslie Davison,  Geo Tools for an Immersion Experience
Leslie Kronemeyer Fostering Resiliency a Trauma Responsive WL Classroom

Jon Cowart,  Classroom Management 101
Faith Laux (aka “La Sustituta”  Rrrrrrrrrr) (Recording drops Tuesday, 3/31)
Allison Litten

Movietalk:  Ageless, Timeless, Priceless

Movie talk for Elementary
Joint Lesson Planning Zoom Session, Thursday, April 2

Movietalk High School

Reading in the Elementary Classroom

La Maestra Loca

Reading Strategies to Extend Clip Chats

Strategies for Staying Positive

Comprehensible Classroom Management

Covid19 Plans

My Favorite Brain Breaks

Elissa McLean, How to do CI Classes Online

Justin Slocum-Bailey

It’s all about the Questions

Even More Ways to Use Pictures

Backward Design Made Crazy Easy

Relaxed Input

Additional webinars will be added as they are offered and can be attended live or later, pre-recorded.  Space is limited in each webinar.

Language Classes

Beginning French with Daniel Kline Dubois, Sabrina Sebban Janzcak and Carla Tarini.  Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30am Mountain time. High school students welcome for $4 per class as long as space allows.

Beginning-High / Intermediate French with Daniel Kline-Dubois and Sabrina Sebban- Janczak, $8 per class for 8 weeks, Sunday mornings at 9am Pacific.  Materials included L’ile au Tresor  and Mystere au Louvre by Theresa Marrama.  High school students welcome for $4 per class as long as space allows.

Advanced Spanish for Adults with Adriana Ramirez,  Materials:  El camino del café; binge watch the Colombian Netflix series Jugar con Fuego (Playing with Fire).  $24.00 plus book shipping.  (Suggested additional reading Rigo, El Condor de los Andes and El Entierro.  Other titles by Adriana, Me Perdí en Medellín and Julio.)  Note:  Jugar con Fuego is not intended to be used with students.  Adults should know that the 10 episodes of this telenovela are inappropriate and scandalous by high school standards and this is only an adult class.

Purchase books for Advanced Spanish

Schedule:  Live, unrecorded Zoom classes (adults only) with Adriana Ramirez

Thursday, April 9 / April 16  (times TBA) – Rigo
Thursday, April 23 / April 30, 4pm Pacific – El condor de los Andes
Watch Siempre Bruja on Netflix, set in Colombia (Jugar con Fuego shares themes with El camino del café). Total contact hours, 10 hours Netflix, 2 1/2 hours Zoom, 4 hours reading. 16.5 hours seat time.

Unlimited access to all webinars and language classes, $250.00 donation.



Beginning Spanish

Intermediate Spanish

Advanced Spanish



April 6-12 CISOS PDF









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