Language Teacher Blogs on Comprehension-Based Topics
Allison Litten
Allison Wienhold
Mis Clases Locas
Allison is a #deptof1 Spanish teacher who loves using CI with novels, music & lots of movement in a deskless class.
Amanda Hsiung Blodgett
Miss Panda Chinese for young learners. Hands-on activities, songs, stories, printable and Montessori-inspired CI based resources.
Amy Vander Deen
Blog with free comprehensible culture lessons about Spain.
Andrew Snider
Using Storytelling/CI at the college level
Angie Torre-Sherbondy
Annabelle Williamson
La Maestra Loca
a blog with lots of videos and free resources.. all full of JOY, inspiration, and encouragement for teachers working to grow as acquisition facilitators!!!
AnneMarie Chase
mostly what’s happening in my classroom and lots of resources for Spanish teachers.
Anne Marie Mitchell
blog on teaching CI in elementary and middle school, lesson plans, resources
Arianne Dowd
Spanish teacher who is discovering the endless possibilities when you spring open the umbrella of CI.
Becky Morales
Bess Hayles
Brett Chonko
I reflect on my ci practice and link to demonstration videos on my YouTube channel
Carrie Toth
Carrie is a veteran CI Spanish teacher, author, and teacher trainer who generously shares her gifts with the world
Craig Klein Dexemple
Teaching Spanish Through Storytelling and Lots of Comprehensible Input
Cynthia Hitz
Teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input
A CI blog started in 2011 for Spanish and other language teachers to share lessons, activities, novels, storyscripts, technology / apps for WL classes, MovieAsk resources, games, brainbreaks, bulletin board ideas, recipes to make with students and more.
Dan Stoa
A focus on comprehended input and Latin
Diane Neubauer
Ignite Language
Several language teachers blogging about comprehension-based teaching (Haiyun Lu, Alina Filipescu, Diane Neubauer, sometimes others). Many topics discussed, from classroom ideas to resources for instruction to how and why to teach based on students’ comprehension and interest. Some posts are specifically about Chinese or Spanish teaching.
Donna Roszak
Links to “Pregúntame” TPT Spanish materials focusing on PQA, personalized, themed and cultural questions for the CI Spanish classroom.
Dustin Williamson
Keeping it comprehensible, compelling, and fun!
Elicia Cárdenas
Deskless classroom. Teaching in a deskless classroom with comprehensible input and TPRS. Interactive-ish notebook resources.
Erica Peplinski
A blog for CI teachers with classroom activities, brain research projects and self-care tips for teachers. World Language games for all language teachers, Movie Talk resources for Spanish teachers.
Fluency Fast Language Classes
Articles on teaching for TPRS and CI teachers by Karen Rowan and other Fluency Fast teachers. And entries in Spanish by native speakers for Spanish teachers trying to improve their advanced Spanish.
CI Peek Blog
Helping teachers on their CI journey! We love to run guest posts by teachers!
Kelly Ferguson
Kristy Placido
Kristy is a Spanish teacher, teacher trainer, and author who shares her ideas, teaching resources, and inspiration.
Gary DiBianca
www.garydibianca.com – My Mosaic of World Language Teaching.
I live life looking for “What will inspire me next?” To do this, I have to be open-minded and always seeking something new. I look for these small pieces and allow them to add to my mosaic. What will be your next source of inspiration?
The International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching
Back issues, 2004-2018. Research and teacher-written articles on Comprehension-Based Methods.
Jennifer Brunk
Resources and activities for teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input and Communicative Instruction.
Reflections and ideas on using CI/TPRS to keep things novel and relevant in the classroom.
John Piazza
This website contains a useful collection of CI- based theory, materials, strategies and resources for teachers of Latin and other languages.
Judith Dubois
Reflections on teaching with CI, using Very Narrow Listening, registration for the Agen Workshop.
Jules Wearne
Español de l@s extrañ@s. / Primarily musings on how things are going in my classroom and various CI techniques.
Justin Buehler
Spanishplans.org – facilitating language acquisition through comprehensible input
Kara Kane Jacobs
Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources Spanish teacher reflecting on teaching with CI and sharing ideas, resources, and units (many of them based on authentic resources) for other teachers on a similar path.
Kristian Peltonen
https://naturalkhmer.com Focuses on learning Khmer through CI.
Latina Hilara
It contains many kinetic games and activities, CI based stories but also some ideas for making grammar active and engaging. It is for Latin teachers but many of the activities can be used with any language. (I stole A LOT from Spanish teachers.)
Blog and website with a focus on Comprehensible Input teaching, TPRS and motivation. Videos of stories and other CI activities to coming soon! I also share all my workshop and conference presentations here too
Laurie Clarcq
A collection of posts on education, the teaching profession, the well-being of teachers and success in a TPRS/CI classroom . From musings to highly practical explanations and activities.
Marc Fencil
Free resources (lesson plans, music video presentations, animal of the week, printable classroom posters, and more!) to deliver more comprehensible input to help you live that better language teacher life.
Maris Hawkins
Maris Hawkins: Maris blogs about how she grows as a Spanish teacher and evolves her use of CI and proficiency based techniques.
Martina Bex’s
The Comprehensible Classroom
Martina is a former Spanish teacher who now works on curriculum and materials, generously giving free samples of her work on tpt and the blog
Melanie Reid Thomas
Blog on units that are culture-based.
Niki Tottingham
Mejor Dicho blog Games, stories and practical ideas/activities for the classroom
Nina Holzfeind
CI-based teaching ideas and links to some free and paid stories and resources https://frenchfromtheheart.com
Pablo Pankún Román
Richard Detwiler
Nobody Expects the Spanish Acquisition https://nobodyexpectsthespanishacquisition.com/blog/
Sam Finneseth
Surprisingly Spanish
Reflections, lesson planning, classroom management, novels (reviews from me and students), Story Listening, transitioning to CI
Sarah Breckley
SarahBreckley.com – A Vlog of Spanish class happenings and comprehensible input reflections.
Spanish Mama
Tiasha Garcia
Lots of free stories and CI ideas with a tech twist