Fluency Fast Beginning Spanish with Karen Rowan

Chattanooga, Tennessee

July, 16-18, 2016 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

$299.00 (3 days)

The Read House Hotel, http://www.thereadhousehotel.com/

827 Broad St, Chattanooga, TN 37402

Register for Beginning Spanish with Karen Rowan,
Saturday and Sunday 8:30am-1pm; Monday 10am-12pm


Why Fluency Fast is different
Learn like a baby learns
At Fluency Fast, we bypass the traditional approach to teaching and create fun, effective, and affordable personal interactive workshops. No computer – no exhausting memorization exercises – just a proven, profound and effective way of learning.
Fluency Fast uses several comprehension based methods, including The Natural Approach (Krashen and Terrell), Total Physical Response® (Asher), Personalized Storytelling and Story-Asking and reading to optimize the natural ability of the human brain to acquire languages. The second language is taught just as the first language was, through gestures, personalized stories and simple language. We start with the highest frequency vocabulary in the target language, rather than a random list of greetings or vegetables or professions. We use words like have, takes, wants, goes, needs, looks at and combine them with words that are similar to English (important, chocolate, hospital, doctor, emergency). Soon, the student is rapidly acquiring basic sentence structure with the most crucial of vocabulary words.
We want you to acquire a new language or add to a language you already have rapidly, easily and effortlessly.  We just focus on that one thing.  Whatever the reason is you want to learn another language, don’t put it off another year.  Make this your year!
What are Karen’s Spanish classes like?

Comments from previous participants:

“I just wanted to tell people – if you’re are looking to understand Spanish at all this is it. Karen’s class is probably the most inexpensive, maximum fun way you can accomplish that bucket item list on the planet. Seriously, you should take this class. It’s a total blast and taught by one of the best language teachers you know!”  Andrea Trout,  Real Estate Investment,  www.partnersinfreedom.com
“This is by far the most fun I have ever had learning Spanish. The incredible amount of repetition has the words, phrases and conjugations stick without effort. I have recommended these classes to many of my friends and lots of them have not only taken the classes but keep coming back.”  Kathleen Clark, Highlands Ranch, CO
“This is the best way to learn a language! The classes are fun fast paced and full of repetition. Karen has a spectacular way of making it work for many different levels. It is so engaging and interesting. I keep coming back!” Louise Sherrill, Denver, CO



Comments from previous hosts:

“Our school’s Spanish-speaking population has increased by so much in the last few years that I knew that bringing a Spanish class to our teachers would be beneficial to everyone. The school let us send out information to the school email list. Our first class last January had 120 people in it, so they sent us two teachers. The second class in April had over 90, and they sent two teachers again. The teachers are happy, so we’re scheduling another class for the Fall .”

– Diana Noonan, Denver Public Schools , Denver , Colorado

Thanks again for coming! I’m still getting emails from those who attended… all positive! I’m also getting the video from the TV station that came out to film the class and will send to you.

– Jan Coone, Grant Coordinator, North Platte, Nebraska

The need for Spanish in Worthington, Minnesota is at an all-time high. Our first class had over 200 people. Teachers, firefighters, nurses, police officers and general members of the community who wanted to be able to communicate with Spanish-speaking residents. We’ve just held our second class and are looking forward to another one next summer. We held the class at the school and I emailed all of the teachers in our district and the surrounding districts and sent publicity out locally, as well. The local newspaper and news station covered the class. People who took the class are ready for more and interested in signing up again the next time Fluency Fast is here.

– Deanna Rowe, Worthington, Minnesota

If you are interested in bringing a Fluency Fast class in Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Arabic or Russian or any other language to your city, please let us know. We look forward to working with you!