The reader El Callejón del Beso was published in July of 2018.  There is not yet a Teacher’s Guide for teachers who are teaching with class sets, so I am adding the resources I use to teach it here.


Music: El Mitre, El Callejón del Beso

Lyrics: https://www.musica.com/letras.asp?letra=2405286

Videos from Guanajuato about La Leyenda del Callejón del Beso:

Videos that re-tell the story:


Videos for Stories:

Discussion questions:

What is el Qué dirán?

What do you think “En pueblo pequeño, infierno grande” means?

Does Doña Carmen get to make any of her own decisions or does someone else make them for her?

When Don Carlos y Doña Carmen kiss for the first time, he asks for permission to kiss her.  Do you think consent is important?  Does Doña Carmen get to consent to anything else?

How does how Doña Carmen’s father and society through rumor and gossip act to control her?

What are the similarities and differences between where Doña Carmen lives and where you live?  Is your behavior ever influenced by rumors or by fear of what your parents will think?

At the end of the book Don Carlos has choices about how to live with how things turned out.  What do you think his choices were?  What would you have done?


Film clip from Chico y Rita Film (Full film not appropriate for all audiences.  This clip is fine.)



Reader’s Theater class responses:

Don Carlos, “sólo quiero darte un beso” 56 seconds in

“Bésame, bésame mucho”, Cue for Doña Carmen



Resources for April 13, El día internacional del beso