Linda Li – Mandarin

Linda Li was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She is a master teacher and an author as well as an experienced TPRS trainer. She graduated from Shanghai Teacher’s College with a major in education and received her B.A. in English as a Foreign Language from East China Normal University. Linda has presented on TPRS at school in-services, workshops and conferences around the world.

She co-authored the Beginning Mandarin Reader Who Is Good Looking with Dr. Stephen Krashen. She is also the co-author of I Love Learning Chinese (Books 1, 2), containing TPRS teaching materials for beginning students. Linda has taught Mandarin to middle and high school students as well as adult learners for over 10 years. Her experience includes teaching at a number of international schools in China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and India in addition to an urban school in Denver, Colorado. Linda has also worked as a Mandarin teacher at Singapore American school.

Prior to that, she worked at Shanghai American School for six years where she served as a middle school Chinese teacher as well as a department chair. She also taught at Yew Chung Shanghai International School, where she received an “Excellence of Teaching” award. Linda Li has been using Comprehension-Based Methods of teaching in her Chinese classrooms since the fall of 2004. She has presented numerous workshops throughout China and Southeast Asia. She has been part of a research project on TPRS methods in teaching foreign languages at Middle Tennessee State University Summer Language Institute since 2005. She has taught Chinese at the National TPRS Conference and the International Forum on Language Teaching as a language lab teacher. Contact Linda at

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