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Fluency Fast: The Best Way to Learn a Foreign Language

Fluency Fast uses several comprehension-based methods, including The Natural Approach (Krashen and Terrell), Total Physical Response® (Asher) Personalized Storytelling and Story-Asking, and reading.

Comprehension-based methods include the pre-teaching of fundamental, high-frequency vocabulary through TPR® Personalized Storytelling and Story-Asking using those high-frequency vocabulary structures and reading. Both the vocabulary and grammatical structures are retained because the techniques are based on brain research designed to lodge language in the long-term memory. Simply put, our strategies take advantage of how we really learn – recreating the miracle of how babies are able to understand thousands of words before reaching the age of two!

MISSION: The mission of Fluency Fast is to create and sustain a movement that causes a global shift in consciousness by transforming communications among individuals, communities, and countries and inspiring people to use language as a tool to build bridges with other cultures. Our goal is to dispel the myth that learning languages is difficult and to inspire people to have fun learning Arabic, French, German, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish, easily, inexpensively, effectively and in a brief period of time.


Fluency Fast was established in 2004 and re-established in 2008 under new ownership.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic or national origin, ancestry, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, creed, political beliefs, or disability.  We welcome everyone in our classes and  are inclusive in our hiring practices.  Our mission requires the emphatic rejection of discrimination.

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At Fluency Fast, we bypass the traditional approach to teaching and create fun, effective, and affordable personal interactive workshops. No computer – no exhausting memorization exercises – just a proven, profound and effective way of learning.

While many of our students have taken a language previously, 90% of those say that they don’t speak a word. Many also have had no previous exposure to languages. After taking Fluency Fast classes, those students learn that even though they thought they were not good at languages, that they are actually quite naturally talented.

In the United States, only 9% of Americans speak both their native language and another language fluently. In Europe, over 50% speak a second language and 80% of students ages 15-24 can have a normal conversation in at least one foreign language.

Elementary school teachers in Nebraska took pre and post tests during our June class. Pre-test scores were 42.9%. Post-test scores were 84%. Read complete results here.

After 15 hours of Fluency Fast instruction, one “true beginner” from each of our classes was videotaped telling a two minute story….. in the language they just learned. Can you really speak a new language after four days? Watch the video.

Are you a Denver Public Schools Employee? Receive PDU credits and reimbursement for your Fluency Fast class!

Classes are fun. The only outside work involves reading completely understandable, simple stories and short novels. This is not your high school Spanish class! We know that you’ll have to see it and hear it to believe it.