October Intermediate Low Spanish Denver (LIVE CLASS)

Intermediate Spanish is best for those who have already taken our Beginning Spanish class or who have some background in Spanish.
Thursday, October 14, 4:15-8:15
Friday, October 15, 4:15-8:15
Saturday, October 16, 8:30-3:30
Denver, Colorado
$30 discount with paid registrations before Friday, October 1st.


<p>This Intermediate Low Spanish class still focuses on high frequency vocabulary, but begins to use the past tense. &nbsp;The class is appropriate for those who have already taken Beginning Spanish or who have taken previous classes. &nbsp;<br />
<br />
This class will be taught using our new not-yet-published book for adults. &nbsp;Vocabulary surrounds classroom vocabulary, instructions to students, conversations with students, travel vocabulary and reading of fiction and non-fiction essays. &nbsp;<br />
<br />
High school French teacher Lucy finds herself teaching Spanish when the beloved long-time Spanish teacher leaves suddenly to undergo chemo. &nbsp;On her very first day, she locks her keys in her classroom and the students close the door behind them, leaving her standing in the hallway. &nbsp;She is humiliated when she must ask history teacher Victor de la Paz across the hall to get her out of her predicament. &nbsp;Then, unexpectedly, Victor is assigned to accompany her on the former teacher’s planned student trip to Costa Rica. &nbsp;Can they learn to work together? &nbsp;Or will the appearance of Lucy’s old flame only make things far worse?<br />
<br />
<br />
Intermediate low is a designation on the ACTFL scale (American Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures)<br />
<br />
You do not need to already be at an Intermediate Low level to take this class.&nbsp;<br />
<br />
Intermediate Low<br />
handle successfully a limited number of uncomplicated communicative tasks<br />
concrete exchanges<br />
predictable topics necessary for survival<br />
basic personal information<br />
short statements<br />
utterances are often hesitant and inaccurate<br />
generally are understood by sympathetic listeners</p>


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