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¡Hola! Influx of Spanish speakers plus desire to expand
opportunities drive more Americans to learn the language

New study! In a Fluency Fast beginning Spanish class this June the New York Proficiency Exam was given to elementary school teachers before and after a 4 day class. Pre-test scores were 42.9%. Read the study to find out the post test average after 15 contact hours!!!

Around the country, Spanish classes are full. School districts are initiating Spanish courses for elementary students. And the number of Internet sites and learnhome aids is increasing rapidly. According to the Instituto Mexico-Americano de Cultura, an accredited school that teaches languages in Guadalajara, Mexico, the demand for Spanish-language courses worldwide has doubled in the past decade......(read more)

View a video clip: WCAX-TV conducted a 2:30 minute news report on the effectiveness of Fluency Fast Language Classes.

Can you really speak a new language after four days? After 15 hours of Fluency Fast instruction, one "true beginner" from each class was videotaped telling a two minute story..... in the language they just learned!

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