Boston Fluency Fast Classes July 2018

NTPRS Spanish Language Institute

July 8-11, 2018

Fluency Fast Spanish Classes, Danvers, Massachussetts


Boston North Shore (Danvers) 

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel



Sunday 8:30 - 3:30pm 

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday4:30 - 7:30 pm


Beginning, Intermediate, Intermediate-High and Advanced Spanish

Acquire Spanish through TPRS (Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling)


Beginning Spanish (for true beginners)- Karen Rowan

Intermediate Spanish - Adriana Ramirez

Advanced Spanish (for non-native Spanish teachers) - Jason Fritze


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$249.00 Did you get the $100 off coupon code? DANVERS - Valid through June 30

$149 through May 31st with NTPRS registration

For Spanish teachers: $75 Audit courses on Monday - Wednesday 4:30 - 7:30pm

We are not offering classes in languages other than Spanish this year because other languages are embedded within each workshop at NTPRS.  You will have the experience of learning a language as your students do.  If you do not speak Spanish and want to learn, or if you want your spouse or teenagers children to learn Spanish, or if you are a Spanish teacher who wants to improve your own Spanish, take the Fluency Fast classes.


Last year many Spanish teachers wanted to observe the classes.  This opportunity to observe these classes as language labs is available with pre-registration for $75.00.  Please do not register for Beginning or Intermediate Spanish if you are a Spanish teacher.  Register as an auditor. 



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Learn a language the way your students do.  Learn TPRS from the inside out.  You'll never see language acquisition the same way again.


Our teachers are passionate and experienced

Beginning Spanish with Karen Rowan

We use high frequency, common, necessary vocabulary to tell memorable stories we co-create with our class.  This class is open to anyone 15 years of age and older who is a true beginner in Spanish.  This brain-friendly class uses TPR Storytelling and short movie clips to make vocabulary sticky.

Video of Karen Rowan:


Intermediate Spanish with Adriana Ramirez

Adriana Ramirez works in Canada, in the province of British Columbia as a Spanish teacher. She has been a language teacher for more than 12 years. She is a well-known CI author and presenter. She has published a Spanish novel, and several books with stories (in Spanish and French), to teach through storytelling and comprehensible input. She constantly presents at workshops in both Canada and the US. She trains and coaches teachers on applying CI techniques in the classroom, and welcomes guests to her classroom so they can see the power of TPRS first hand. 

To see her in action in her classroom visit her YouTube channel: ¨Teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input –Adriana Ramirez


 Advanced Spanish for non-native Spanish teachers with Jason Fritze are for:

Spanish teachers who want to improve their own proficiency, who feel that they can teach up through level 2 or 3, but that their language ability breaks down around subjunctive and other advanced grammar points.  This is TPRS for upper levels, and a model for how to teach advanced classes.  TPRS / CI classes for Spanish teachers who want to improve their own language skills, but don't want to take more grammar classes.  Content-based, Sheltered Subject Matter Classes using TPRS and Comprehensible Input at an Advanced level.

Video of Jason teaching:


Comments from previous students:

Leslie Teresa
Linwood, New Jersey
July 25, 2016

I had the pleasure of attending a 3 day Fluency Fast workshop with Jason Fritze for Advance Spanish. It was exactly what I needed to refresh my brain with advance language. I learned more in 3 days than 3 years of classes. If you have the opportunity to take a Fluency Fast course to learn another language you should seize the chance.


Kim Pate
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
July 23, 2016

Jason Fritze is one of the finest SLA teachers in the world, and he just may be the best advanced Spanish teacher on the planet. I have traveled to Spain, Ecuador and Guatemala in order to participate in Spanish language immersion programs.

I learned more in 3 days of classes with Fluency Fast than I ever learned traveling to these countries. (Did I mention how reasonable the cost of the class is?)

Bottom line: if you want to travel, travel to experience the culture. If you want to improve your Spanish, spend a weekend with Jason Fritze and Fluency Fast.

Fluency fast is the best way to learn a language. I started attending Spanish classes because I was working in a school with many Spanish speaking students. I was able to use what I learned in class with my students and their families right away. It was amazing to be able to put in practice the things I was learning, and my students and families were amazed at how my communication in Spanish just sky-rocketed so quickly. The classes were fun and engaging! I would recommend classes for any language level.

Bree Perry Roon
Denver, Colorado
August 12, 2015

I would highly recommend both the online and the in-person Fluency Fast courses. All of the instructors are highly engaging, entertaining and employ the most research-based teaching strategies to ensure a fun experience that results in real, long term language acquisition. I was able to quickly move from a low intermediate to an advanced level of Spanish, allowing me to pass the SLP (Spanish Language Proficiency) Exam on my first attempt. Now I am able to use the Spanish skills as well as the Fluency Fast teaching strategies in my role as a teacher and teacher coach. These courses are great for learners at all levels!

Louise Sherrill
Denver, Colorado

July, 2015

I have taken lots of Fluency Fast classes and others. By far Fluency Fast is the most fun and the most beneficial. The approach is terrific and I can't recommend it enough. In other classes it was boring with verb conjugations and workbooks with nonsensical exercises. Fluency Fast is fun funny and effective. Sign up! You won't regret it.

Anne Andert

July, 2014

I attended the class last summer and couldn't believe how quickly we were all talking in Spanish. The instructor used muscle memory and abundant laughter to engage us and repeated words an incredible number of times with such subtlety we didn't even realize we were learning new words. I came as a beginner, but did find it helpful to have worked my way through the first book that we used in class. Five stars for Karen Rowan! Outstanding teacher!

Sule Yilmaz
Istanbul, Turkey

July, 2014

Fluency Fast teachers changed my attitude to teaching a language forever. Thank you all guys...


Olympia, Washington

March, 2017

This class is an excellent example of how to engage students in their learning using personal experiences, movement, timing and humor, more sepcifically, it demonstrates how to reach students with language concerns whether it is a student with limited language proficiency, special needs or children from poverty who lack vocabulary.  I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.



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