Fluency Fast for Secretaries

Upcoming Classes, 2015

  • Beginning Spanish Denver, January 28, 30, 31
  • Intermediate-low Spanish, March 4-7 Denver, CO
  • Intermediate-High Spanish, April 22-25 Denver, CO
  • Monday night Spanish class, Denver with Joey Dziedzic
  • Thursday night Spanish classes Denver January-May 5-7pm


Fluency Fast Classes are free to secretaries through an agreement between your union, DAEOP, and DPS. As long as secretaries continue to take live and on-line classes, they will be offered. Attendance and participation is crucial to the continuation of the program.


(Up to a $100 monthly stipend)


  1. Current process for secretaries to take the SLP exam given through the Multicultural Language and Outreach Office (this is our website: http://communications.dpsk12.org/translation.html)
    1. Request a Language Proficiency Exam: Principals, directors, supervisors or Human Resources can request tests or exams for candidates/employees. Exams occur on Fridays starting at 12:30 p.m. Up to five candidates can take the exam at the same time. The test will take approximately 2 ½ hours.
    2. So for secretaries, they need to talk to their director or principal first, as the principal needs to ok the stipend. Then the principal/director would request the exam through this link: http://fx4apps.dpsk12.org/FLPE/Logon.aspx?ReturnUrl=/FLPE/
  2. The next step is the request comes to our office and we will send an email them to the secretary about the next available test date and we ask them to confirm they will be able to make that date – please note all tests are given at 12:30 p.m. and last about 2.5 hours
  3. The test consists of Oral, Reading and Writing and all 3 parts must be passed (a 3 out of 5) in order to receive the stipend.
  4. If they do not pass the exam, they make retake the exam after 30 days up to 3 times in one calendar year.
  5. This the link from Payroll’s website about applying for stipend, which is signed by the principal and their scores are attached to (we send the score letter after the secretary takes the exam; usually 2 business days after the exam).

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