• Demo of TPRS Techniques to watch for

    7 minutes video demo Techniques to watch for




    (This is intended for language teachers.  It's from a workshop at iFLT in July in which I was demo'ing Asking a Story.   It's a demo in a workshop so there are occasional interruptions by Jason Fritze to comment on techniques.  It's level 1, so it should be fairly comprehensible to beginning Spanish students, too.)




    Karen Rowan teaching level 1 Spanish


    Prior to this lesson / demo we used a Personalization Activity to get to know all of the students in the class quickly.  From that exercise we learned that “Molly” was a fan of Enrique Iglesias.  As we set up the story, we knew we wanted to build to the structure “no se las da, se las tira” and have students chant it. (A Joe Neilson technique.)  This lesson was designed for a level 1 class.  This particular audience is of mostly Spanish teachers and two non-Spanish speaking German teachers, who served as our pacesetter (aka barometer) students.


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