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  • ESPAÑOL - How to learn Spanish as an adult – Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced

    by Karen Rowan

    Whether you are starting from scratch and want to learn Spanish or are already fluent and want to improve your fluency, here is what matters if you want Fluency Fast:

    1.  Exposure to the language in a way that is understandable.  Beginners need access to completely comprehensible input in the form of what they read and what they hear.    This matters for those who are already fluent, too.  Fluent speakers can watch TV programs and movies with subtitles in Spanish.  It also matters that fluent speakers are regularly reading comprehensible books in Spanish.

    Here are the resources that we recommend:

    1. For Beginners we offer TPRS videos of previous Fluency Fast classes.  Beginning Spanish and Beginning Spanish for Secretaries are both offered with the Independent Study Spanish curriculum.  Also included are copies of: Las aventuras de Isabela, a short novel for beginners with 200 unique words, but 2200 total words.  Repetition is what matters for beginners hoping to acquire proficiency.  After this first series, most beginners continue to our intermediate language videos and other beginning TPRS Books (Isabela captura un congo / Carl no quiere ir a México and Don Quijote:  El ultimo caballero)  There are additional TPRS Books at all levels in many languages.
    1. For advanced speakers and Spanish teachers who want to improve their proficiency, we have two advanced Spanish classes available as videos.  We also recommend readers from TPRS Book:  La casa dividida by Chris Mercer is the book we will use for our summer advanced Spanish courses in Denver and San Antonio.  Also, many Spanish teachers and advanced Spanish speakers have found that input in the form of movies and television programs truly matter and make a difference in increasing their proficiency.  Here are programs we have watched and enjoyed on Netflix:
  • SPANISH - How to do Day 1 FluencyFast Beginning Spanish


    Karen Rowan


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    How to do Day 1 Beginning Spanish

    Fluency Fast. Karen Rowan, Beginning Spanish, Day 1 Demo


    (92 minutes plus 4 minute Teacher follow-up)


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