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  • CHINESE - Chinese New Year


    Chinese New Year, also known as “Spring Festival”, marks the first day of the New Year on the Chinese lunar calendar. It is the most important traditional festival in China. It marks the end of winter and the beginning of Spring. It is a joyous and festive holiday.


    Chinese New Year is a time for families and loved ones to reunite.  Millions of people from all around the country come home to be with their families during that time.  There are many activities and celebrations.  People usually spend their time visiting relatives and friends, conveying blessings of good fortune for the year ahead and enjoying time with loved ones.


  • RUSSIAN How to Learn Beginning Russian on Your Own in less than a week

    How to Learn Beginning Russian on Your Own in less than a week

    Russian teacher Katya Paukova teaches an 8 hour class in beginning Russian with accompanying handouts.  A video camera was in the back of the room and you can have a bird's eye view and follow along. 


    We are temporarily reducing the price of the class to $30.07, as we anticipate moving it from our site at the end of 2017. 

    If you want to fluency in Russian, or any language, here is what matters:  first, you must get Comprehensible Input in the target language.  This means you must hear the language and read the language and understand it as you are hearing it or reading it. 

    There are TPRS Books in Russian – very few.  But even before you read your first novel, you can start by learning words, listening to Russian and putting together the building blocks that will allow you to read the short stories in our handouts.   (http://fluencyfast.com/resources/language-resources/russian-resources)

    Does Fluency in Russian matter more than learning the grammar of the language?  Absolutely!  Fluency in a language does not require painful study and memorization.  Laugh along with the teacher and the class and it won't even matter that it's in another language – it will feel that easy to understand.

    Watch the video more than once, review the handouts, read and re-read the stories.  After a week, if you feel like you're ready for TPRS Books in Russian (with glossaries!) you'll be on your way!  If not, watch the videos and read the handouts again and watch your passive language skills grow and grow. 

    Ноги,руки,голова          Nogi, ruki, golova         Legs, arms, head

    Ноги, руки, голова;           Nogi, ruki, gаlаva            Legs, arms, head.

    Ноги, руки, голова.           Nogi, ruki, gаlаva            Legs, arms, head.

    Ротинос, и уши,                 Rot y nos, y ushi,            Mouth and nose, and ears,

                  иглаза.                             y glaza.                                     and eyes.

    Ноги, руки, голова.            Nogi, ruki, gаlаva            Legs, arms, head.


  • SPANISH - How to do Day 1 FluencyFast Beginning Spanish


    Karen Rowan


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    CI Teaching Team


    How to do Day 1 Beginning Spanish

    Fluency Fast. Karen Rowan, Beginning Spanish, Day 1 Demo


    (92 minutes plus 4 minute Teacher follow-up)


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