• The Importance of Tenacity

    I got to interview this guy -- Joan Soriano (YouTube and Google him) last week. In the interview -- which literally gave me goosebumps and made my eyes well with tears, I realized the importance of tenacity. What would WE do if we knew we could not fail? What would WE do even if we might fail? So what if we fail? If you know who you are to the core of your being and your core says that you are supposed to do something... be something... go somewhere... what's keeping you from doing it? If it's writing... what's keeping you from writing? I wanted this interview. I Facebooked him asking for it. He said yes -- but call my manager. I called the manager. He said no. Time to give up? I left an inservice in Texas a little early, got on a plane at 4:50pm and flew back to Denver. I got to the concert at 10:30pm, missing the first half. During the show I danced right up front and then went and bought him a shot (yes -- business expense!)

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