“I can learn a new language in less than one week? How is this possible?”

At Fluency Fast, we bypass the traditional approach to teaching and create fun, effective, and affordable personal interactive workshops. No computer - no exhausting memorization exercises - just a proven, profound and effective way of learning.

You will be learning easily and effortlessly through humor, story telling and group participation that is casual, fun and relaxed. You will leave feeling empowered with a renewed sense of accomplishment, a new skill and an abundance of new opportunities.

Click here to experience and learn more about our methods, our proven track record, and the growing need for employees, teachers, and businesses to be able to communicate to an ever expanding world. The demand for multilingual workers is growing. Read more!

Classes are being offered in cities across the United States.
Click here for an upcoming class schedule
or call us about scheduling a class for your company or organization.

Many educators and formidable language instructors from all over the world have come to Fluency Fast for their instruction. So have many beginners who never learned a second language before. Now you can, too!

Fluency Fast brings real results - read more or download the demo video.

  • Open new business opportunities.
  • Improve your community and relationships
  • Enjoy more travel
  • Or just satisfy a personal goal or curiosity
"My wife and I took Karen's Spanish class last September and not only did we improve our Spanish quickly, but I literally laughed so hard I cried." John Daugherty, DC

How much does it cost? It's very affordable. Two-four days of classroom instruction is only $149-$229. ($99-$149 for repeat attenders)

Where do I sign up? We have regularly scheduled classes across the United States. See our 2007 Fluency Fast Language Class Schedule for details on a location near you.

Special Requests. If your location is not on our regular schedule, please call us to arrange classes in your city, at your specific business location, or if you are interested in hosting classes. 1-866-999-3583 [866-WWW-FLUE(ncy)] .

Can I get college credit for taking a Fluency Fast Language Class? Two (2) college credits are available from University of the Pacific for participation in a class.  Cost is an additional $79/credit and are available per class with class contact time and 15 hours of outside work including one writing assignment and reading one extra reader, which is available for purchase from Fluency Fast during class or on the website for $6.00.

Have you already completed a Fluency Fast Language Class?
Click here to download the Fluency Fast University of The Pacific Credit Application form

Have you already taken a Fluency Fast Language Class? Find out why you should take a second class.

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