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Jason Fritze (Medina)'s classes are one part stand-up comedy, one part drama class. In story after story Jason entertains his students while at the same time bringing a vast knowledge of methods that guarantee successful language acquisition. It's hard to believe you're in a class at all. Jason has lived in Spain and travelled extensively and brings culture and language to life when he teaches. His personality and immense knowledge of how languages are acquired and how reading contributes to increasing proficiency make him a most valuable asset.

Online Spanish language videoJason is a National Board Certified Teacher in World Languages Other than English, an author, and a presenter. He is originally from Oklahoma where he taught Spanish and French for seven years in the Norman Public Schools and was named teacher of the year after becoming a Comprehension-Based Methods teacher. He has also taught in New Jersey and Tennessee and his teaching experience spans from early elementary to adult. He regularly presents at state, regional and national language conferences and conducts workshops/inservices for language teachers throughout the United States on Comprehension-Based Methods and Reading Strategies in the WL classroom. Jason has collected hundreds of children's books in both Spanish and French that he uses to provide additional reading for students. Jason began teaching Spanish and French for Fluency Fast in 2005.

Spanish language coursesJason presents inservices for school districts throughout the year on reading as well as Comprehension-Based Methods and is frequently invited to present at state and national conference as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter.  

Jason is unable to respond regularly to email, but here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Where can I see Jason present?

I usually present in California for LA Stars, at the International Forum on Language Teaching (IFLT) and at the National TPRS Conference.  I also teach Advanced Spanish for Fluency Fast Language Classes.  FluencyFast.com carries an on-line webinar called From TPR to TPRS for elementary teachers and several language classes that I have taught.  


How can I ask a question?

If you have a question about TPRS or Comprehensible Input or teaching strategies, you can also post a question on our Facebook page:  IFLT / NTPRS /CI Teaching.  I am one of the moderators.  If I can't get to your question, someone else usually can.


Can we hire you to do an inservice for our district / language association?

If you are interested in hiring me to do an inservice, please keep in mind that traveling outside of California during the school year is not always possible.  Karen Rowan of Fluency Fast manages my inservice schedule.  Please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for fees and availability.  


I was in a workshop.  Where can I find handouts?



Can I observe you teaching?

If you would like to observe me in Laguna Beach, you do not need to make an appointment.  Observers can come to El Morro Elementary on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year.  Please check the school calendar first to make sure we have classes.   I am occasionally presenting inservices, but almost always at the end of the week into the weekend.



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Hi! I'm Jason Fritze. I hope you can make it to my next Spanish class!

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