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(left to right) Nahed Hazaa, Katya Paukova, Karen Rowan, Jason Fritze, Linda Li, Greg Stevens, Diana Noonan, Donna Tatum-Johns,

Board of Directors: Karen Rowan, Jason Fritze, Diana Noonan, Donna Tatum-Johns, Linda Li, Dr. Stephen Krashen, Carmen Andrews-Sanchez

Fluency Fast uses several comprehension based methods, including The Natural Approach (Krashen and Terrell), Total Physical ResponseĀ® (Asher), Personalized Storytelling and Story-Asking and reading.

Comprehension based methods include the pre-teaching of fundamental, high frequency vocabulary through TPRĀ®, Personalized Storytelling and Story-Asking using those high frequency vocabulary structures and reading. Both the vocabulary and grammatical structures are retained because the techniques are based on brain research designed to lodge language in the long term memory. Simply put, our strategies take advantage of how we really learn - re-creating the miracle of how babies are able to understand thousands of words before reaching the age of two!

Classes are fun. The only outside work involves reading completely understandable, simple stories and short novels. This is not your high school Spanish class! We know that you'll have to see it and hear it to believe it.

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