2008 Denver Language Institute - Advanced Spanish

Carmen Andrews-Sanchez

2008 Denver Language Institute
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Recorded Audio of Advanced Spanish Handouts

Handout 1
Lección 2 Audio
Lección 4 Audio
Lección 5 Audio
Lección 6 Audio
Lección 7 Audio

If you haven't taken our classes before and can't get to a class, order a DVD and download the accompanying curriculum.

The Spanish 1 Curriculum (order the Spanish 1 DVD set taught by Von Ray)

The Spanish 2 Curriculum (order the Spanish 2 DVD set taught by Blaine Ray)

Want something to listen to in your car or to study at home? This CD contains a story and questions about the story spoken at a very slow rate of speech. Listen multiple times, answer the questions, read along with the script, or listen to it while you're driving.

Circling Script (buy the circling CD for $10)

Have you already taken one of our classes? Want to brush up? Here are some extended readings from previous classes. Extended readings are written towards the end of the class about the students in that class. If you taken a Fluency Fast class before, you might recognize the stories. If these seem simple and easy to you, you might be ready for our level 2 Spanish class. Did you know that the more you read, the better you get? Reading is the number one most effective way to pick up a language! Read these one page stories or link to our catalogue page to order easy readers.

University Credits: Get University Credit for completing a Fluency Fast Language Class!
Download the Fluency Fast University of The Pacific Credit Application form

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